Name: kasia balls Text title: The paper Menagerie Text type: short story Date finished :18/10/18 The paper Menagerie is a short story told by a mixed-race man, Jack, telling of his childhood living with his American father and Chinese mother in Connecticut. The story follows the disintegration of his relationship with his mother, because of […]

Name : Kasia balls Text title: The Breadwinner Author: Deborah Ellis Text type: novel Date finished: 18/10/18  “The Breadwinner” is a novel set in Afghanistan during the Taliban rule. Throughout history, Afghanistan has suffered through many wars and invasions, for example, the Persians, Alexander the great, Greeks, Arabs, Turks, British, and the Soviets. now during this […]

Name: Kasia Balls Text title: Hard Rock Author: Etheridge Knight Text type: Poem Date finished: 17/10/18 ‘Hard rock’ is a poem set in the time of the civil rights movement in America around the mid-1900’s. A time when blacks were striving for recognition as equals, to obtain the same rights and status that whites already enjoyed. In […]

Name: Kasia Balls Text title: When Hitler stole pink rabbit Author: Judith Kerr Text type: Novel Date finished: 18/10/18 When Hitler stole pink rabbit is set in Germany during the time of Hitler’s rule. The story is written about a Jewish family who is forced to flee Germany because of the possibility of Hitler taking over. […]

Bournemouth beach I intend to write a creative writing piece about Bournemouth Beach using descriptive language and and figurative language.  It is summer, early morning sunlight slowly begins to fill the sky, it’s ambition to illuminate everywhere, every crack and crevice with a coral glow. Basking in its reflection on the ocean, creating a gleaming […]

Brexit – a vote for racism or a complex issue with global repercussions what is Brexit who voted for Brexit what is behind Brexit facts and figures what are the effects of Brexit Introduction Brexit, a vote for racism or a complex issue with global repercussions. Today I am going to be talking about what […]

Name: Kasia Balls Title: The Intouchables Director: Oliver Nakache date finished:18/10/18 The Intouchables is a film based on a true story. Set in Paris, the film follows the unlikely relationship between two characters, Philippe and Driss. Philippe, a quadriplegic millionaire is interviewing candidates for the position of his carer, with his secretary Magalie.  Driss is a recently […]

The “Kite Runner” written by Khaled Hosseini, is set in 1975, in Kabul, Afghanistan. At the time Afghanistan was an Islamic monarchy with some western influences. during this novel the internal revolution begins in Afghanistan, the USSR invades and the Taliban takes over. Our story is narrated by the main character, Amir, who is retelling […]

Discuss how the author uses language techniques to develop a main character in the novel, and how this character helps you understand one or more significant themes/ideas. Techniques could include figures of speech, syntax, word-choice (Islamic and Farsi words), style, symbolism, structure, foreshadowing, or narrative point-of-view. Themes Betrayel Memory and guilt Redemption Violance Politics, religion, […]

AS 90854  Student Name: Kasia balls Text Title: The Book Thief Author/Director: Markus Zusak/ Brian Percival Text Type (circle): Visual Text Date Finished:  17/10/18  “The Book Thief” is a film based on a young girl’s life in Germany in the era of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Liesel is a 9-year-old, who has been given […]