Amir’s narrative point of view


First langauge words, festivals and cultural referenes

Sybolism – kites, lamb to the slaughter, the cleft palate.

In the novel The Kite Runner, auther Khalad Hosseini uses numerous effective language features such as narrative point of veiw, foreshadowing and symbolism to capture the readers imagination. Hosseini also includes first langauge Farsi words and references to cultural and relicgios events to add to the authenticity of the novel.

Paragraph 1 

  • Narrative poin of view – first person. Amir talks about cultural, religous, political, social events and issues

Paragraph 2

  • Foreshadowing – Hints at events to come

Paragraph 3 

  • Symbolism and themes – kites, cleft lip, family relationships, guilt, redemption



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