A Jewish German family is forced to leave their country after Hitler takes over. They have to leave all their friends, family and life in Germany and start a new life in Switzerland. Anna the main character is a 13-year-old girl who is too young to understand what the issues in Germany are, but…

What theme/s are addressed in the text? How is the theme explored in this text? Use specific examples/quotes: The author used many different themes that he addressed throughout this novel, such as anti-semitism, perspective as this novel is written in the third person we are able to get the point of views of the narrator, the great depression and lastly the importance of family and friends. The theme of anti-semitism is one of the main themes shown in this text as it is portrayed throughout the entire novel. This novel is all based around the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany during World War 2 and the consequences that were imposed on a German-Jewish family. The first form of anti-semitism that is presented to the reader in the text is the discrimination faced by Anna’s family. For example, both Anna and her older brother Max are not allowed to play with another German refugee family as they are both Jews…

How does this text connect with the rest of the world (socially, culturally, politically, historically) Use specific examples/quotes: In this novel ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ there are multiple connections to the rest of the world, for example, this story is based on real-life situations that occurred during the rule of Hitler

How/What does this text teach us/you about society and the world we live in (setting/themes/characters/plot) Use specific examples/quotes: The novel teaches the reader about the situations that some people had to face during World War 2 due to the opinion of one man “Adolf Hitler” and the consequences that those people and family’s had to face due to that opinion.

Explain why you would recommend this text (writing style/ideas/structure/language features used) Use specific examples/ quotes: I would recommend this text because it teaches you about the events that happened to hundreds of people during Hitler’s reign in Germany

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